Mascara – a colour cosmetic most often purchased by female Poles

More information on this topic is presented in the PMR report:

The largest proportion of respondents declares a purchase of mascara (72%) in the past 12 months until April 2017. Another popular product is a foundation which was bought by 64% of the respondents. More than half of women purchased a lipstick or nail polish in the period, as demonstrated by the PMR survey carried out for the purposes of the report “Colour cosmetics market in Poland 2017”.

Among the products that respondents were asked about the least frequently purchased cosmetics included a blush or bronzer, which was referred to by every third respondent, and a lip gloss whose purchase in the past 12 months was declared by 38% of women.

A majority of make-up, hair and nail colour cosmetics are bought by women under 45 years of age. The only product which appears to be the most popular in the 45+ age group is a hair dye. Its purchase is declared by 56% of the respondents representing this age bracket (16 p.p. more than the average). To compare, merely a quarter of women under 24 years of age claim to have purchased a hair colourant in the analysed period.

Therefore, it can be concluded that elder women definitely less often use make-up cosmetics and nail colour products. At the same time they much more frequently dye their hair.

The higher the education, the more often the purchase of colour cosmetics (excluding hair colourants) is declared. 80% of women with this education level bought a mascara, while three in four respondents purchased a foundation. Merely 18% of women having vocational education bought a blush/bronzer. A similar correlation is seen for per capita household income – the higher the income, the more frequently the respondents declared a purchase of individual products (except for a hair dye).

What matters most to female Poles when buying colour cosmetics is a good value for money (46% of responses) and product adjustment to the needs (41%). Simultaneously, every third woman finds a matching colour particularly important, while for 31% of respondents the product durability is crucial.

A low price is significant to one in five women. Chiefly to those who have the lowest level of income and lower education. Thus, it can be assumed that 4 in 5 women do not look for cheap cosmetics.

Trust in the brand is declared as a crucial factor by merely 21% of the respondents. It is more often referred to by older women, as well as those with a higher income level. Interestingly, only 12% of the respondents aged up to 24 years indicated the “trust in the brand”.


More information on this topic is presented in the PMR report:
Color cosmetics retail market in Poland 2017. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022