Infographic: Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe 2017

More information on this topic is presented in the PMR report:

  • According to our estimates, the cosmetics market in the five CE countries (i.e. Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia) increased by 3.9% in 2016 (in local currencies), while its value reached €4.6bn.
  • In per capita terms, Czech consumers spent €126 per head on cosmetics in 2016, the most in CE. The Czech market is the most mature and the most developed in the region.


  • Our forecast shows that the Bulgarian market will grow by 3% on average in 2017-2022, i.e. faster than in the last few years, however not enough to converge with the other, more developed CE markets. Moreover, inflation will contribute to market growth to a higher extent than in previous years. In real terms, the market will grow at a much slower pace.

Czech Republic

  • The three leading players on the Czech cosmetics market are all drugstore chains: dm drogerie markt, p.k. Solvent (which operates the Teta chain) and Rossmann. Together they are responsible for more than 31% of total cosmetics sales.


  • Three players dominate the segment of cosmetics stores: Germany-based dm drogerie markt, Rossmann and Mueller. Their combined sales constituted 87% of the channel’s value.


  • The Romanian cosmetics market has experienced more dynamic growth since 2014, and is expected to grow 4.4% in 2017.


  • Cosmetics stores and large-area grocery stores dominate the Slovak cosmetics retail market. In 2016, the two channels jointly controlled79% of total cosmetics sales in the country. 

More information on this topic is presented in the PMR report:
Cosmetics retail market in Central Europe 2017. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2017-2022