Local stores or repair shops are the place where consumers generally buy car parts and accessories for passenger cars

The market of independent repair shops has been diminishing year by year, in particular in areas which require a certain standard of knowledge of car mechanics. There are nearly 18,000 retailers of car parts and accessories in Poland, according to data compiled by GUS. And though this figure has not changed significantly over the past years, more and more entitled decide to join chains, which affects the individual automotive repair shops market. Besides, a rising number of consumers want to use the services of professional service centres with skilled staff, equipment, facilities and products, which ensure more than just elementary maintenance. This trend is partly driven by a progressively narrowing gap between prices of spare parts and the general availability of high-quality substitutes of well-established brands. Body shops or specialised repair shops focusing on specific sub-systems, such as compressors, gear boxes, windscreens and glazing, tires, etc., also gain popularity with customers.

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