Delko: Blue Stop chain grows to 141 locations

Blue Stop, the franchise drugstore chain being developed by Delko, the cosmetics and chemicals wholesaler, has increased by 11 stores over the past three months and currently comprises 141 locations, according to the group’s Q4 report, released on 28 February.

This means that Delko added about 100 locations to the Blue Stop network over the past year, as in January 2013 the chain consisted of 40 stores.

The Q4 report also shows that Opolskie and Lubuskie remain the only voivodships where the Blue Stop chain is yet to expand, and that it has a particularly strong presence in Mazowieckie, Pomorskie, Lodzkie, Swietokrzyskie, Podkarpackie, and Podlaskie.

The Blue Stop programme, which represents Delko’s first foray into cosmetics retailing, is addressed to cosmetics and household chemicals retailers, as well as to general grocery stores with cosmetics and personal care sections.

In Q1-Q4 2013 Delko’s revenues from cosmetics sales, which contribute about a third of the total, amounted to PLN 163.1m (€39m) and were 8.3% lower than a year earlier.

In fact household chemicals, the biggest source of revenue for the group, was the only category to post a rise in sales in 2013, by 6.9% to PLN 190.3m (€45.5m). As a result, Delko’s consolidated sales revenues decreased by 2% in 2013 to PLN 505m (€120.8m).