Fasol brand to develop through Metro franchise partners

The German retailer Metro Cash & Carry has decided to develop the Fasol grocery network project further by placing it on a franchise basis, after testing a pilot sample of stores. On its side, Metro is prepared to invest €5m in the project to open 100 outlets in Moscow within a year, according to Rbc Daily.

The outlets are to open in Moscow on an average area of 80-150 m2. The contractual terms stipulate that the partners do not have to pay royalties but that they will be obliged to purchase part of the Metro cash and carry range.

A Fasol pilot store, one of the company’s own outlets, started operations in Moscow in the spring of 2012. 30 franchise outlets later opened in St. Petersburg and Rostov.

The same source added that, on a global basis, the store count of Metro’s franchise partners comes to approximately 6,000. These operate in countries such as Bulgaria, Poland and Romania.