Perekrestok tests online food sales

X5 Retail Group, the largest Russian grocery retailer, has already started to test an online store launched based on its Perekrestok supermarket chain, reported. For five months, workers at X5's central office (about 2,000 people) can make purchases in the Perekrestok online store and request home delivery service. After that test, the retailer will designate a date for a test trial for some Moscow residents.

X5 plans for its internet store to be available to residents of the south-western area of Moscow and some cities in Moscow Province in Q2 2017. Residents of the remaining Moscow regions as well as the closest Moscow suburbs should get access to the service in subsequent quarters of this year.

The online store will offer the same products as in the offline Perekrestok supermarkets, which have more than 13,000 SKUs, but it excludes culinary products with a short shelf life, and alcoholic beverages and tobacco. The prices for products ordered online will be identical to those in the traditional stores.

After the testing is complete, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the distance, delivery time and quantity of ordered goods.