Middle-size retail units grow more popular in Hungary

The value of grocery retail in Hungary between December 2015 and November 2016 reached HUF 1.62tn (€5.24bn), according to a study by Nielsen, a market research agency. The market registered a 2% growth in terms of value in terms of volume there was a 1% decline compared to the same period of the previous year

Nielsen has also examined the development of distribution channels in Hungary during the last year. Its data shows that the decline of the market share of hypermarkets has stabilised at 26%. It also claims that Hungarian consumers have been slowly turning towards shopping in smaller stores, which is why units spanning across between 401 and 2500 m2 have been becoming more popular than average. The study has also shown that the market concentration in Hungary has been on the rise, since the share of stores with a sales area smaller than 400 m2 has dropped to 35% from 34% while the share of the stores larger than 400 m2 has grown to 65% to 66%, trademagazin.hu reported.