E-Commerce Index 2016: wildberries.ru is the largest Russian e-store

According to the E-Commerce Index Top-100 2016, carried out jointly by Ruward and Data Insight, wildberries.ru was the largest Russian online store last year. The retailer managed to grow its sales by 43% in 2016, year on year, to RUB 45.6bn (€754m; including VAT) and surpassed yulmart.ru, which had sales of RUB 38.8bn (€641m; including VAT). The two retailers were followed by citilink.ru.

It is worth noting that the majority of Wildberries’ sales are still clothing, footwear and accessories; however, like Yulmart and Citilink, the company is already a universal online retailer, offering other products such as household and gardening goods and consumer electronics, among others.

Next were internet stores operated by two major Russian consumer electronics retailers, M.Video and Eldorado, which closed out the top five. Both companies were recently acquired by the Safmar financial group, which also owns consumer electronics retailer Tekhnosila, which ranked 19th. It is worth noting, that M.Video and Eldorado also have recently been expanding their product ranges by adding items atypical of their general electronics goods profile, such as DIY and gardening goods, sporting and automotive goods, children's goods, cosmetics, or furniture.

Top 10 online stores in Russia, 2016

* including VAT

** completed orders

E-Commerce Index Top-100, 2017
E-store Product range Sales revenues (RUB bn)* Change (y-o-y) Number of orders**
wildberries.ru Clothing, footwear, accessories 45.6 +43% 29,000,000
yulmart.ru Universal range 38.8 +6% 7,820,000
citilink.ru Universal range 31.6 +30% 3,230,000
mvideo.ru Consumer electronics and home appliances 25.9 +27% 1,900,000
eldorado.ru Consumer electronics and home appliances 23.2 +38% 3,900,000
lamoda.ru Clothing, footwear, accessories 22.3 +39% 5,870,000
ozon.ru Universal range 18.0 +20% 5,700,000
exist.ru Automotive products 17.8 +3% 6,100,000
svyaznoy.ru Consumer electronics and home appliances 15.4 -8% 1,400,000
kupivip.ru Clothing, footwear, accessories 15.1 -9% 1,770,000