PMR Insight: 26% of Poles would be willing to pay PLN 400 for winter boots

Magdalena Szot, Retail Analyst, PMR
90% of respondents can afford spending PLN 150 (€34) on winter boots, and three-fourths are willing to pay PLN 200 (€46). Above that amount, the proportions fall considerably. A half of respondents would pay PLN 300 (€69) and every fourth PLN 400 (€92) for a pair of such footwear. It seems that PLN 400 (€92) is the limit for a vast majority of people. However, the 12% who could spend PLN 500 (€115) or more is still a large proportion, as follows from a B2C study conducted for the purpose of the PMR report Clothing and footwear market in Poland…

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