Five Saturn stores in Warsaw

The Metro Group wants ultimately to operate five consumer electronics hypermarkets under the Saturn brand name in Warsaw. At the moment, there is one in the capital and one in Janki (near Warsaw). The Metro Group also owns four Media Markt outlets in Warsaw.

In addition, Saturn intends to have at least two stores in each Polish city with more than 100,000 inhabitants. There has recently been only one store outside the Warsaw area, in Katowice (in the Silesia City shopping centre). In 2006 Metro plans to launch two Saturns, one of which is to be in the Zlote Tarasy shopping centre in Warsaw, and the other in Galeria Krakowska in Krakow. It is possible that a third will open in Wroclaw, according to Supermarket Polska.

In 2007 the company intends to launch five more stores. The average Saturn is to occupy 5,000 m2, and there will be around 100,000 SKUs.